The Ultimate eXperience 06.23.08: Weight Classes, July 19th and More

Welcome to another addition of The Ultimate eXperience, this week we cover everything from the huge night of July 19th with Affliction and UFC Fight Night. Welcome to The Ultimate eXperience. New banner for this column and it pretty much owns. Talk has been speculating for a while of having two different champions in the UFC face of against each other. For example, after BJ Penn defended his UFC lightweight title by defeated Sean Sherk at UFC 84 Ill Will, he hinted at a possible match up against UFC welterweight Georges St. Pierre. For this fight to be even close of happening, the champions need to absolutely clean out the division, like Anderson Silva has virtually done. If they are able to defeat all the contenders in the weight class, then they would actually have a chance of fighting each other. If the fight did happen then I don't think much would be gained from it. Weight would be an issue as they would need to do the fight at a weight that is considered fair, also the fighter ...
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